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Pandemic Brings Increased Interest to Nursing Profession

Meghan Wenzinger, a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, recalled her mother—who is a nurse practitioner—receiving a letter from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last spring, asking for extra health care support for COVID-19 patients in New York City.

Defining the different types of nurses

There are almost 100 types of RNs, and when you add those specialties to nurse practitioners (NP), clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) and more, you end up with hundreds of different careers and specialties within the field of nursing. 

Nurse practitioner in the making seeks health equity

Tasked with coming up with a policy proposal for a graduate school class, Juliette Carr originally thought her idea might be too simple. She wanted the Special Supplemental Nutritional Program for Women, Infants and Children benefits to be redeemable at farmers markets in Vermont just like those associated with Electronic Benefit Transfer cards.

Rules on opioid treatment relaxed

Opioid addicts seeking treatment will have more choices following a decision by the Biden administration to relax rules on a popular drug therapy.