Survey Shows Michigan Wants Full and Direct Access to Nurse Practitioners

From: The Mellman Group, Inc.
Re: A Large Majority in Michigan Want to Remove Restrictions on Nurse Practitioners
Date: April 28, 2022

Our poll completed in April 2022 shows broad bipartisan support in Michigan for proposals to give patients full and direct access to nurse practitioners (NPs). Nearly three-quarters (73%) support making it easier to choose NPs as primary care providers. A 52% majority would be more likely to vote for a state legislator who supports removing these restrictions, compared to only 15% against them. This broad support extends across demographics including age, party, gender and region.

There is Widespread Familiarity With Nurse Practitioners
Just under three quarters (74%) of Michigan voters have either used an NP or have friends or family who have. When given a short description of an NP, 59% said they had seen an NP themselves.This breadth of personal experience with NPs holds true across all demographics with majorities across gender, age, party and in urban, suburban and rural areas of the state. This person experience with NPs makes the support detailed below even more impressive. 


Large Majorities Support Making it Easier to Choose NPs for Health Care
Nearly three-quarters (73%) favor legislation to eliminate barriers to choose NPs as their primary health care provider, and a majority (54%) are strongly in favor.Again, there was little fluctuation in the sentiment across gender, age and party indication. 

Michganders are More Likely to Support Legislators who Vote to Remove the Restrictions
A 52% majority would be more likely to vote for a legislator who supported removing restrictions on NPs, and just under one-third (29%) would be much more likely. In fact, more than three times as many voters would be more likely to vote for a legislator that supports removing the restrictions than against them (15%). This majority extends across demographics including gender, college and non-college education, race and urbanicity. 


These results show broad support for proposals to remove barriers to NP practice. It appears that whatever concerns people may have about the current or future state of health care, they look to nurse practitioners as part of the solution. 

1 “Just so we are on the same page, a nurse practitioner, also known as an NP, is a registered nurse who has graduate education at the master’s and/or doctoral level that prepares and authorizes him or her to provide healthcare services similar to those of a physician. NPs can order and evaluate diagnostic tests, prescribe medications and other treatments, and diagnose and treat patients with conditions such as bronchitis, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Patients may receive primary care from nurse practitioners or physicians. Have you, a family member, or a friend ever been seen by a nurse practitioner? And was it you, a family member, or a friend that was seen by a nurse practitioner?”

2 “With more people coming into the healthcare system, some experts say that there will not be enough primary care providers to handle the increasing number of patients. In order to meet the growing need for primary care services, some have proposed legislation that would make it easier for patients to choose a nurse practitioner as their healthcare provider. Do you favor or oppose this proposal?”

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