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May 08, 2019

Too Many Women Put their Health Needs Last: National Women’s Health Week is out to Change That   

Joyce Knestrick, PhD, CRNP, FAANP

Mother’s Day is one of the more well-deserved holidays, and many would argue that one day of celebration is simply not enough. Nearly 80 percent of women put their own health needs last, behind children, pets, elders and spouses. This reality is the genesis for National Women’s Health Week – a time devoted to ensuring more women make their own health a priority – which fittingly kicks off on Mother’s Day.  

If you’re one of the four out of every five who prioritizes everyone else over yourself, this week is a reminder to do the following:  

  1. Make an appointment with your local nurse practitioner for an annual checkup. 
  2. Prioritize exercise and movement breaks. 
  3. Eat healthy foods that you enjoy.  
  4. Go to bed when you’re tired and make sure you get enough sleep.  
  5. Check in on your mental health and ask for help if you need it. 
  6. Avoid unhealthy things like smoking and excess drinking. 
  7. Pause to meditate, relax and reboot when you need to.  

Taking time for your health is good for you, your family and your community. National Women’s Health Week is a reminder that women need to put their health first, and not just for one day or week throughout the year, so start good habits this May that will last!