When Patients Choose, Patients Win.

Patients win when they have a choice of health care providers. Increasingly, patients are embracing prevention and early intervention to stay healthy and avoid health complications. Nurse practitioners (NPs) encourage health promotion and a comprehensive, wellness-first approach. Instead of waiting until something is wrong, NPs help their patients keep their health on track.

AANP President April Kapu

National NP Week
AANP President April Kapu shares her excitement to celebrate the nation's 355,000 NPs and the patients who choose them!
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Sasha's Story
Listen to Sasha talk about how her NP helps her manage her diabetes!
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NPs are on the front lines of care, treating patients – in sickness and in health. NPs emphasize healthy living through education, counseling and disease prevention. By treating the whole person instead of isolated health events, NPs work with patients to improve their overall health.


NPs provide advanced primary, acute and specialty care for all types of patients. In every state, NPs assess patients, order and interpret tests, make diagnoses and provide treatment – including prescribing medications.

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NPs practice where patients need them most. You may be one of millions of Americans who struggle to find a trusted health care provider where you live. NPs are more likely to practice in urban and rural areas, and they tend to work in a variety of community settings.

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