NPs Are a Healthy Choice for Patients 

Patients benefit when they have a choice in health care providers. We Choose NPs is an effort to help patients everywhere find their ideal provider.

Increasingly, patients are recognizing the importance of prevention and early intervention to avoid health complications, and NPs are providers who embrace this wellness-first model.

Instead of waiting until something is wrong, patients are turning to NPs to keep their health on track. 

Why I Choose an NP

When Patients Choose, Patients Win.

The number of NPs is on the rise, and so are your options in choosing a health care provider. We Choose NPs is here to help you find the best care for you and your family. There are more NPs practicing than ever before, and one may be right for you. 

NP Patient Visits Annually: 1.06 billion

Average Years of Experience: 11


NPs Are the Future of Patient Care

As patients gravitate toward NPs for their health care needs, the brightest health care minds are also shifting their focus to an NP career.

Last year, 26,000 NP graduates entered the workforce, expanding access to care for millions of Americans.

In the coming years, there will be more than 300,000 NPs providing care – making it easier than ever to find an NP near you.  

NPs Practice Where Patients Need Them Most

You may be one of millions of Americans who struggle to find a trusted health care provider where you live.

Because NPs are more likely to practice in urban and rural areas, and they tend to work in a variety of community settings.