September 9, 2020

Learn the Signs of Advanced Prostate Cancer This Prostate Cancer Awareness Month


Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer for men in the United States. About one in 9 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Thankfully, through regular checkups and screening, most cases of prostate cancer are found early. 

It’s important for men to schedule yearly checkups with their health care provider, such as a nurse practitioner (NP), to ensure the health of their prostate. It’s also important to look out for these common signs and symptoms of more advanced prostate cancer
●    Problems urinating, including a slow or weak urine stream or the need to urinate more often, especially at night.
●    Blood in the urine or semen.
●    Trouble getting an erection.
●    Pain in the hips, back, chest or other areas, as a result of cancer that has spread to bones.
●    Weakness or numbness in the legs or feet.
●    Loss of bladder or bowel control from tumors pressing on the spinal cord.

Most of these symptoms are also indicative of other common ailments, so it’s important that if you are experiencing any of them frequently, you reach out to your NP for a checkup to help find the root of the problem.