October 30, 2019

Halloween Health Tips from Your Friendly Local Health Care Provider


Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year, and kids everywhere are gearing up with their favorite costumes in anticipation of fun, candy and the chance to stay up late. Before you hit the streets, check out these healthy reminders from your friendly local health care provider:

1.     Beware of allergies! 5.6 million kids have food allergies, so skip the Reece’s and opt for something safer.

2.     Avoid sensory overload. Itchy costumes, flashing lights and strangers can be a perfect storm for kids with sensory issues, so dial down the antics when you sense someone is uncomfortable.

3.     Dress for safety. Dark, scary costumes are fun, but not if cars can’t see them. Opt for glow sticks and flashlights to make kids visible in the streets.

4.     Be sugar smart. Candy is a must, but don’t eat your loot all in one night! Keep only the favorites and set a limit on the number of pieces to save.

5.     Have an emergency plan. It’s easy to get separated in the dark, so make sure your kids know their way around, and agree on a meeting spot if someone gets lost. 

Have a fun and safe Halloween by following these simple, healthy tips!