February 8, 2021

Do You Have Hearts on the Mind? Six Tips for Heart Health This Year


The month of love is upon us. As people worldwide prepare to celebrate their love for friends, family and the person who stole their heart, it is critical that we take a moment and practice a little self-love for our own heart. Lets be honest: It has kept you going during a 13-month pandemic, and it deserves a little love.

This Valentines Day, take your heart health seriously and follow these recommendations:

  • Catch some extra Zs. Plan to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Get a checkup. Visit your health care provider — like a nurse practitioner — to get a checkup and monitor your heart health.
  • Cut back on alcohol. Share a few pieces of dark chocolate with your loved one instead.
  • Put in the work. Love takes work. So does your heart’s health. Try to increase the amount of exercise you’re getting daily.
  • Don’t be that kind of “smoking hot date.” If you are a smoker, make plans to quit. Also avoid secondhand smoke. Your heart will thank you.

This year as we celebrate Valentines Day, lets show our hearts a little love.