July 3, 2020

Tips for a Safe and Socially Distanced Fourth of July


Independence Day is a time for celebration all across America. Usually, it is spent by people gathering in masses, grilling out, enjoying fireworks in the company of family and friends or going on vacation. With rising numbers of COVID-19 cases following celebrations of Memorial Day, safety during Fourth of July festivities has become a top priority. Here are some ways to safely celebrate the Fourth of July.

  • Practice social distancing. The most important thing is to practice safe social distancing. This includes washing your hands, keeping six feet of distance between you and others, wearing a face mask or covering and staying at home if you are sick or think you may be sick.
  • Avoid gathering in large numbers. Chances of spreading COVID-19 increase with large gatherings, so it is important to limit the number of people at gatherings.
  • Communicate with guests. If you are hosting guests for the Fourth of July, communicate what safety precautions you would like them to take, and share the house rules for a safe celebration.
  • Be safe with fireworks. Fireworks can be dangerous to use and cause thousands of injuries every year. If you do plan on using fireworks, make sure you safely do so, and do not allow children to handle them.
  • Find alternatives to firework shows. Many fireworks shows will be streamed online to limit large gatherings, so the safest way to enjoy them is from the comfort of your own home.