December 16, 2019

Seven Tips to Avoid Sabotaging Your Good Health During the Holidays


The holidays are associated with a lot of things, but good health isn’t usually one of them. Typically, this season is full of all the things we work so hard to prevent during the rest of the year. Overindulgent eating, excessive drinking, sleep deprivation, heightened anxiety and overplanning are a cocktail for disaster that many people drink straight into the new year. Here are seven tips to clean up your act this holiday season while still having all the fun. 

  1. Wash your hands. Nothing derails holiday plans faster than getting sick.

  2. Get your flu shot. This ounce of prevention makes you half as likely to get the flu. 

  3. Bring a nutritional side. ‘Tis the season of potlucks, so make sure there’s a healthy option. 

  4. Splurge wisely. Indulge in your favorite treats and skip the rest. 

  5. Go to bed. Sleep at least 8 hours to recharge for the next day. 

  6. Chill out. Relaxing will help you focus and ease anxiety. 

  7. Say no. Focus on the traditions and the people you care about most.  

The holidays don’t have to sabotage your good health. Make these simple adjustments and start off the new year a healthier you!