April 14, 2020

Questions About Your Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Call a Nurse Practitioner. 


Lots of people are hyper-focused on their health right now, which can lead to anxiety and confusion about symptoms that may be a cold, the flu, allergies or COVID-19. It’s not always the best idea to run to a busy office where the risk of contracting coronavirus may be high. Still, during uncertain times, access to quality health care providers is more important than ever. If you’re concerned about symptoms or have health questions, telehealth may be the answer. Here’s how to find it:

  • Call your health care provider’s office. Find out what telehealth services they’re offering. 
  • Take advantage of nurse helplines. Sometimes a quick phone call can give you the information you need. 
  • Send photos. A rash or swelling doesn’t always have to be assessed in person.
  • Arrange a telehealth meeting. Many offices now have telemedicine capability and are meeting patients where they are – at home. 

If you’re concerned about your symptoms or have questions, call your health care provider. Don’t assume you need to rush in for a visit – you may be able to connect virtually and get the same results. In addition, if you have COVID-19 symptoms, your health care provider can help arrange for testing, so reach out to determine the best next steps.