March 2, 2020

Healthy Eating Hacks for On-The-Go Families 


Some days, healthy eating is hard. It takes time and preparation to ensure your family isn’t hitting the drive-through or grabbing processed food to fend off hunger on the run. March is National Nutrition Month, and if you’re among the millions striving to eat more nutritiously as a family, these hacks are for you: 

  1. Stock up on grab-and-go snacks. Apples and bananas don’t require any prep and can easily be tossed in a bag.
  2. Store single serving leftovers. Pack individual containers with no-brainer healthy options.
  3. Keep car snacks handy. Non-perishables like nuts, dried fruit and whole-grain bars are perfect for food emergencies.
  4. Let your blender do the work. Experiment with smoothie recipes that sneak in fruits and veggies and can be consumed on the run. 
  5. Slice and dice ahead of time. Spend 10 minutes chopping fruit and veggies the night before.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean slaving over gourmet meals – it’s finding everyday strategies that keep your family fueled and functioning on even the busiest days. While 75% of Americans claim they eat a healthy diet, that number is really much, much smaller. Use this month to reset your family’s habits with these simple tips!