August 2, 2019

Five Ways Health Centers are Making Communities Healthier


August 4 marks the start of National Health Center Week – a perfect time to celebrate the contributions of health centers rooted in communities where the need for primary care is greater than ever before. Nurse practitioners (NPs) play a huge role in care delivery at health centers, providing quality, accessible care to millions every day. Here are five reasons health centers are making a difference:

  1. They provide care to people who don’t have a regular provider
  2. They improve access in areas where there aren’t enough providers to go around
  3. They provide same-day care
  4. They increase the likelihood of patients to seek care
  5. They improve health outcomes 

Health centers are making it easier for more people to access quality care, and our communities are healthier as a result. If you need a provider but don’t have the time or resources to make an appointment with an office in your community, don’t give up on the possibility of finding good care. Health centers are a great alternative, and a trained NP is ready to help.