February 13, 2020

Five Tips for Good Health in the Dead of Winter   


By February, it can feel like the cold, dark days will never end. Post-holiday blues and lack of sunlight can leave even the most ambitious feeling unmotivated. Typically, there’s a drop off in wellness around this time, but winter doesn’t have to be the reason you fall into a rut. Here are five tips to keep your health on track. 

  1.  Wash your hands. It’s peak flu season, and keeping germ free will help you avoid getting sick.  
  2. Go easy on the carbs. We crave comfort foods because they signal a rush of happiness (serotonin) from our gut to our brain. Exercise and sunlight do the same thing, so get moving and find the light to avoid binging on mac and cheese. 
  3. Choose Omega-3-rich foods. Anti-inflammatory berries, fish, broccoli and avocado reduce stiffness and joint pain, not to mention depression.
  4. Think seasonal. Find recipes that use winter-friendly foods like squash, kale, carrots and oranges to boost immunity.
  5. Ask for help. A nurse practitioner can help with flu symptoms, depression and other health concerns.   

It’s possible to be healthy on the inside even when it’s dreary outside, so don’t let winter derail your good habits!